Chess Team x Contra Versa

Chess Team is a local rap group that consists of individual rappers and producers. Chess stands for Chasing Hope Every Single Step. It was created by Miles Meraki and Dark Knight. The additional Chess Team members are Poncho Toriyama, a singer and beat maker, Antrone and Eli, rappers, and CJ the Waiter, a producer. Alasia had the chance to watch them perform at a local open mic spot called Everlasting Life Cafe.These guys have been on their grind to make it to the top. To check them out click "read more." 


Paralyzed Coast



Contra Versa x Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas, a 18 year old college freshman at The Catholic University is an advocate for the arts. Through social and educational integration of various mediums of the arts he tries to bring about positive change in a fun way. Shooting photography casually since eighth grade, but seriously for the last year, his work has evolved, but he still has a lot more progress he cares to make through practice. The main subjects of his photography correlate with his life interests: food, photography, and hip hop. These are also the subjects for his blog. Mark really enjoys photography because it lets others see life through his eyes; making it an extremely powerful medium. "Think positive thoughts, preform positive actions, live a positive life". 


Digital Fauna

The weather is getting colder and we're finally able to pull out our winter gear. Cold weather brings out the best style in us. So our main focus in our shoot was our sweaters. 


Euphoria x Kayla Hadlington

I ran across Kayla Hadlington blog http://kaylahadlington.blogspot.com/ and simply feel in love with her style. The coller patterns/textures she puts together are purely fascinating. She is also very pretty, a type of style to be shared with the world.


PHMOB x Contra Versa

"(P)ossession (O)f (T)he (H)ighest (E)nergy (A)ll (D)omains"


Urbanista Shoot x Contra Versa

Jarez had a shoot with Diamond Dixan also known as Urbanista, where they traveled around Washington D.C and ended up with amazing results. Diamond is a lifestyle photographer. Her photos are simply fascinating and inspirational. If you would like to look at some more of her work click here http://www.flickr.com/photos/theurbanistaa/


The Cool Kids x Contra Versa

Jarez and a couple of friends attended The Cool Kids Concert at the Rock and Roll hotel in DC. The Cool Kids consist of the duo Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglesh. The young alternative hip hop group is based out of Chicago and Detroit . They performed numerous songs such as my favorite Black Mags. There was much memories created on this night and here are a few picture from the event.


Untamed Thoughts

Alasia decided to do a shoot with our good friend Donye over the weekend.


Culture Shock

We went to Hooters to celebrate the birthday of Alli the Abstract and the release of his new mixtape, Culture Shock. The night was filled with good vibes and good food. 
Follow Alli on twitter @AllitheAbstract


Bryant Strange

This is a close friend of ours and one of the best business people we know. He has such a good style yet never really gets any recognition for it, so we took it upon ourselves to show some of his style to the world.


Glitch Mob

Jarez and a couple friends went to The Glitch Mob concert featuring guest performances by Com Truise and Phantogram. The night consisted of great memories and good style. 

The Turban

Alasia, turning a simple neck scarf into a head wrap.