PHMOB x Contra Versa

"(P)ossession (O)f (T)he (H)ighest (E)nergy (A)ll (D)omains"

Founded by the homie Xaivia Inniss an abstract painter, cinematographer, and professional editor; PHMOB is a clothing line/ occult of various arts. PHMOB is also a movement of THC enthusiast which consists of Artist, Musicians, Skaters, and Models. Here are some of the products and work done by the mob.
Phmob "W nation" Iron on Patch 7.99$
Phmob "trill vintage" sticker 5.00$
Mellow Mob hoody, 25.00$
"The Mural" Hoodie 28.00$ , Available October 8th (Pre-Order)

Mob Decks 45.00$
Weed n bitches #phmob Poster 10.00$
#PHMOB #POTHEADMOB poster 10.00$

PHMOB x 8th Creation Films

Be on the lookout for the upcoming reality show. Forever mobbin, one love.

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